FTR is friendly competition to us as we have good personal relations with folks there. They propose a new system while we use the largest existing open communication system (email). We work with minimal funding while Matrix uses VC funding. May both succeed! :)


FOSDEM: Wie Matrix das europäische Open-Source-Treffen ins Web brachte #FOSDEM #FOSDEM2021


@JohanEmpa Very interesting press release indeed. Covid 19 gives humankind the chance to rethink things thoroughly. Honestly, humankind will fail again, miserably. There is plenty of money, see

So there should be diverting of cash to support/grant subsidies as Zenid seems to be very promising.

And if - in the long run - there will be a "green" fuel, there still is the problem regarding the considerable aircraft noise...

@JohanEmpa Thanks for this interesting link/information, however, I would not phrase it "silly". If we go on the way way we did (before Cov19) this will result in havoc, so we need to change things. And as long as there is no "clean" fuel this means that we have to stop - using airplanes for our own benefit (e. g. travelling).



@bam Hi, where is this? In Japan? Looks very very nice

Our other pussycat likes to investigate baubles, a one time per year opportunity

Our pussycat loves to watch animal program, especially when there are birdies to be watched...

@sixohsix A proper word would be "Ausnahmezustand". Everyone knows what this word means: a condition which is not usual. Right now many conditions are very different compared to Jan 04 2020. You cannot put many different aspects (medical, political, economic, social, cultural) into only one word.

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